MacArthur Week

General Douglas MacArthur was the face of America in the Far East during World War II and in the early post-war years. Fifteen years after his death in 1964, Milwaukee honored him by hosting the first MacArthur Memorial Week (MMW) and on June 8, 1979, the General’s widow, Jean MacArthur, unveiled a statue of the General at the dedication ceremony in MacArthur Square. Harry H. Anderson, Director of the Milwaukee County Historical Society (MCHS) delivered the dedication address before a crowd that included delegations from the Philippines and Japan. Anderson also spearheaded a special The MacArthurs of Milwaukee exhibit at the Society. Milwaukee County War Memorial Center Director Donald E. Turek organized several veterans’ events to honor the General. Other members of the Steering Committee included the past National Commander of the Catholic War Veterans, Henry W. Woyach, and the Chairman of the War Memorial Center/President of the Milwaukee County Historical Society, Charles C. Mulcahy.

2014 MacArthur Memorial Week

Fifty years after his death and thirty-five years after the unveiling of his statue, Milwaukee again honored MacArthur with a second MMW, which took place from June 3-7, 2014. For this occasion the WMC, The Veterans Community Relations Team, Marquette University, and the American Legion Cudworth Post #23 joined forces to present a five-day program that highlighted the General’s career as well as his immense impact on the countries of Australia, the Philippines, Japan and South Korea. The event concluded with the relocation and re-dedication of the Douglas MacArthur statute in Veterans Park just North of the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center on Lake Michigan.